• Hello! We are the team of the official NFT game based on your favorite TV series. Here you can fight against zombies and win unique NFT.

  • Visit our NFT-Marketplace and buy everything you need to make a worthy resistance to the hordes of the dead!
All of Us Are Dead
Metaverse Game
  • Play to Earn
  • Play and win unique NFTs
  • Enjoy of content
5% - Team vesting
95% - Liquidity pool
  • The token is implemented on the BSC blockchain and is fully managed by the player community.

  • The liquidity pool is locked.
The idea of creating a game infected our team
Q1 2022
Q2 2022
Launch the Metaverse game, where you will win unique NFTs
Q3 2022
CoinMarketCap & Coingecko listing
Q4/1 2022
Expanding the world of the Metaverse game to the size of the globe
Q4/2 2022
Creating a VR DeFi-Metaverse
PR Manager
Ferdinand Bremmer
Yaakov Zilmer
Amin Abu Omar
Yovanka Dragan
What's a "All of Us Are Dead Metaverse"?
This is a new game metaverse based on the popular series from Netflix. Defeat hordes of beleaguered zombie classmates in a DeFi game and win cool NFTs!
This project is fully owned and operated by the community. Join us on social networks to take part in the life of the project!
Tell me about the token?
The $DeaDMeta token is a secure token built using the OpenZeppelin library, which does not have any hidden management functions or commissions. The rating of the token on the DxTools platform is 99 points out of 100. You can use the token to buy in-game weapons and equipment.
Tell me about the "All of Us Are Dead Game"?

In the game you will be able both with friends and alone to challenge the crowds of infected dead. 

You'll find both story mode, battle royal and multiplayer modes.

Buy your game character in our NFT-Marketplace and go to battle! Buy in-game gear with $DeaDMeta tokens and get stronger. Get rewards for victories in the form of unique NFTs. The higher your strength, the more valuable the reward will be. Enjoy the game!

What are NFTs?

Game NFTs are a set of characters with different powers and abilities. The cooler the character, the more expensive it is. 

A collection of characters can be found on the OpenSea Marketplace. A total of 8,888 characters are currently planned to be minted, which vary in both attack type and rarity. For example, you will be able to choose to play you in close combat or use primarily ranged weapons.

What are the team's plans for the future?

We plan to actively develop Metaverse game and in a year we plan to release VR game based on the series, where you can fight zombies in virtual reality. Funds from the sale of NFTs will go to the development of this game. 

We also plan to pass Certic audit in the near future and list token on Coingecko and CoinMarketCap platforms.

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